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We broke down Edward Meechum and Frank Underwood going gay recently. Now, we take a look at Rachel Posner, who falls for her friend Lisa Williams after she has helped her turn around her life.

The two are shown sharing an intimate moment in Chapter 21, that is portrayed as much more than just a girl-on-girl makeout session.

House of Cards

Later in the season, Doug Stamper sees Rachel and Lisa sharing a much more intimate moment — as he sees them having sex as he peers through their blinds. The two seem to be consummating their love and confirming the relationship as much more than just a moment of weakness by Posner.

Rachel Posner

House of Cards is a show about power. And it is refreshing to see gay or bisexual characters being associated with that kind of power.

Rachel Posner is played by Rachel Brosnahan, who is from Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago.

What are your thoughts about Season Two of House of Cards? Share in the comments below.


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